Your wedding guest book is a treasured keepsake, filled with messages of love and wishes for your future together. But wouldn’t it be even more special if your guest book was filled with fun photos and memories from your big day? Creating a photo guest book using snapshots from your wedding photo booth is a unique way to capture the personalities of your guests and the joy of your celebration.

Capture quirky and candid moments

Professional wedding photos beautifully preserve milestone moments from your ceremony and reception. A photo booth offers something different: quirky, candid, spontaneous snapshots of your guests letting loose and having fun. Those pictures reflect the playful energy and excitement of the party, rather than just posed portraits. A photo guest book represents the events of your love celebration, compiled with images of all your family and friends. As you flip through the pages in the years to come, you’ll be reminded of their smiling faces, infectious joy, and zany personalities that made your wedding so special.

Creative options for displaying the photos

There are many creative ways to display photo booth pictures in your guest book:

  • Have two copies of photo strips printed so guests paste one into the book and take the other home.
  • If you have a scrapbook-style guest book with blank pages, have guests be creative and decorate the pages with photo strips, props, and handwritten notes.
  • Create a signature frame or backdrop guests pose with and print those images directly into the guest book.
  • For candid shots, print a photo and have guests write a note about the memory beside it. 
  • Alternate photos with pages for written signatures and messages.

No matter how you format it, a photo guest book becomes a beloved treasure you’ll enjoy flipping through and laughing over for years to come.

Go digital

Digital photo strips are a great solution for guest books when you don’t have enough physical photo strips. Have your photo booth operator scan and compile all sessions into an online photo album. To create an elegant, professionally printed photo guest book, upload the album to Artifact Uprising or Picaboo. This way you get a slick, modern book with all your photo booth pics plus written notes from your guests. The photo booth could also offer small cards for guests to write on. Have your photo booth attendant collect the cards to be compiled into a book later. That way guests pen a longer note than just a quick sentence or two. Visit for more information.

Interactive guest book signing activity

Having a photo booth at your wedding provides a fun guest book activity for your friends and family. Rather than just signing their names, they get to dress up, pose for photos, and leave a pictorial memory behind. Kids and adults alike will enjoy hamming it up in the photo booth. Props, funny signage, costume accessories, and laughs are yours, and they’re theirs. Those photos become a snapshot of your loved ones’ personalities and a visual reminder of the joy they felt while celebrating with you.