Is your relationship on the rocks? Are conflicts, arguments, and recurring issues dominating too much of your time together? Do you miss the intimacy and spark?

Get help with positive communication in your relationship, instead of conflicts, arguments, and poor communication. Get help resolving the underlying recurring disagreements and stuck problems, so you can regain intensity, closeness, presence, and spark.

  • Do you have recurring conflicts that remain unresolved?
  • Is it a struggle to get each other to listen without defense or attack?
  • Do you talk past each other?
  • Do you long to communicate instead of quarrel?
  • Do you yearn for the intimacy, warmth, and spark you had in the beginning?

Then Couples Therapy Is A Way To Break The Cycle

  • You’ll get help understanding each other and communicating so you can bridge to each other instead of digging a deeper and deeper trench!
  • You’ll get help solving the problems that the conflicts are about so you can restore intimacy and spark.

In reality, you both have something important to say that you want your partner to hear and understand. Instead, you might feel misunderstood or ignored by the other. You don’t understand why, since you can feel how important your feelings and thoughts are and how they would solve the problems you have if only the other would respond positively to your statements.

You feel you explain what’s on your mind clearly and understandably, but you repeatedly encounter counterarguments and hit a wall instead of being heard and understood.

Neither of you feels listened to, so you don’t bother listening to the other, and anger, hurt, and powerlessness stand between you. Why struggle when you can change the negative patterns?

  • My focus at parterapi is to listen to both of you so you can both feel seen, heard, and understood. It feels healing and is the foundation of couples therapy.
  • My focus is to give you tools to reach each other and bridge to each other instead.

How Long Should You Go To Couples Therapy?

My experience with parterapi shows that the best results come from attending couples therapy once a week for about 6-8 sessions or more. After the second session, you have one individual therapy session, where we delve into what each of you finds difficult in relation to your partner and which attachment/childhood patterns are triggered in your interaction with your partner. Then you continue together. 

To change a negative pattern, you must know it, so that’s what we work on here, while also providing tools to change the negative pattern and experiencing significant improvement. Afterward, you go every two weeks to integrate and consolidate the new skills until you feel stable and significantly better, and you’re equipped to handle future conflicts quickly and correct course if you should regress.